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I know what you’re asking yourself…

What is this?

The more I read and get curious about different topics, the more I realize that the single common thread I find to connect them all is people.

This is a newsletter about my reflection on us people and the shit we come up with. People thinking, talking and writing about people, self-centered maniacs we are.

Why is this?

Why #1

As I was saying, this is a collection of things that I find interesting. I’ve never been able to focus on one single topic and I like to think that there’s an interesting edge in having multiple topics brought together.

Why #2

I feel the urge of creating something. This is my attempt to fulfill that need

Why #3

Specifically answering to the “you’re Italian, why do you write in English?” question.

I don’t see a specific advantage in writing in Italian, while I see advantages (plural) in writing in English, the main one being potentially reaching a broader audience and (ideally) receiving comments and feedback from different people.

When is this?

While I’d love for this to be my main job, I do have an actual job that I need to pay my bills. Unfortunately that paying the bills feature comes with things to do, so I’m not always able to stick to a predefined schedule.

Another way to look at this is that this is not a newsletter that will be in your face very often, but more of a once-in-a-while treat that you will enjoy even more thanks to its scarcity.

Yet another way to look at this is that if you’d like to receive this more often, you could signal this very pressing need of yours by becoming a paid subscriber and helping me achieving the dream of making this my main job. (Seriously, that would be awesome!)

Who is this?

In short, I’m Daniele, a W.E.I.R.D. - i.e. privileged - 30 y.o. Italian, white male. I happen to be gay, but I’m straight-presenting, meaning that I technically belong to a minority but I’m not really being impacted by it in my day to day. (It is true that in Italy we can’t really get married nor adopt, but that’s not day-to-day)

I have a degree in psychology, a master in marketing and one in business administration. I’ve worked as a guitar teacher, English teacher, brand strategist in a marketing research firm, a customer care specialist and I’m now a consultant in a company that focuses on the people side of strategy execution (we train people, if you don’t speak corporatese).

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Daniele Selmi

Tutto molto amatoriale, portate pazienza